Breeze Sensations

Breeze Sensations is a car odorizer. Combining quality, practicality, modern technology and the most delicious fragrances, the Proauto has developed an odorizer with an innovative membrane system.

This technology provides lasting action on a regular and controlled basis throughout the environment. In addition, Breeze Sensations does not break, spill and do not need air conditioning. Available in 03 fragrances: Wonderland, Ocean and Extreme.

How to use

Pull the aluminum tape carefully until it is completely removed. The plastic membrane must remain intact. Fits the clip to the back of the unit. In car ventilation, make sure the clip is securely attached to the air outlet. IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE YOUR BREEZE SENSATIONS ARE BEING USED ACCORDING TO INSTRUCTION! CAUTION WHEN PULLING THE ALUMINUM TAPE NOT TO BREAK THE MEMBRANE. * Do not leave supported on any surface.