How to wash your car at home while spending little!

There are thousands of car washes out there, but it's no use: washing your car at home is not a must, it's a pleasure! Taking the car out of the garage, putting it in the shade, wetting the bodywork, cleaning and defogging the windows, leaving the wheels and tires shining ... For anyone who is passionate about cars, washing the car at home is a great hobby. And it could be ...

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Check out some white car care

In the last decade the white color has been the option of many Brazilians when buying a car. Apparently, the taste for white has had a big influence on the European car shows that have put on display luxury models in white. Prior to this, the white color of car, especially in…

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Tips for taking care of car engine at home.

7 Tips on Car Engine Care

Knowing how to take care of the car engine is knowing the lottery numbers… or almost! Adopting simple maintenance habits will not enrich you, but they will certainly prevent you from spending money in the medium to long term. Here are seven tips for car engine care. Review every…

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